Consider your gift giving handled

Twas’ the week before Christmas, and all though the store, we sales elves were called, called to the floor. Clothes galore hung from racks and ceilings with care, in hopes that customers would soon be there…

Here at Yvonne LaFleur, we have the perfect gift for all your loved ones – those naughty and nice. Whether they are eclectic, traditional, or picky, we have something for everyone on your list. Our quirky qualities on display, here’s what we are getting each other this Christmas:



For that friend who picks out her own gift


Cashmere Tracksuit

“Because I’m fabulous (and freezing).”


For that eclectic friend who owns nothing that says “Made in China”


Handmade Russian Beanies (available in an array of colors)

“Homegrown buddy”


For that friend who has been kidnapped by the 70s


Faux Fur Backpack



Sparkle Crop Sweater (On sale!)


For that friend who celebrates Christmas in July


Assorted Gold Jewelry


Fur Trimmed Infinity Scarf

“I actually did buy that scarf in July.”


For mama on-the-go; socks for all

Socks FInal

Cashmere & Cashmere Blend Socks (available in an array of colors)


For that friend who is in dire need of hair ornamentation


Assortment of Hair Ornaments


For Jenny, because as a seamstress quality and comfort are key


Blue Velvet Pants (also available in Black and Brown)



For that friend who needs accessories to match his kilt


Argyle Cashmere Blend Socks


For that friend who needs a fabulous way to carry his coin collection


Fleur de Lis Coin Purse


Cashmere Robe (available in an array of colors)

“If it came large enough to fit me, I’d buy it.”


For that fiery friend who needs that feisty fringe


Micro-suede laser cutout wrap with fringe (available in an array of colors)



For that friend who makes hats: why not give her a hat made by someone else?


Beaver fur felt hat (designed to your specifications)


And last but not least…



For superwoman


Fox & Cashmere Cape (available in an array of colors)

From all of us at Yvonne LaFleur, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!