Yvonne LaFleur’s Homecoming Suits & Hats

Homecoming is around the corner and we have in a beautiful selection of exclusive suits for the young ladies of the court to wear. We had some of the girls at the store model two suits each to show a sampling of our extensive collection. Continue reading to see the results!

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Starting from the left we have Saige in a 60’s mod skirt suit with a geometric pattern, color-blocked on the sides for a figure flattering silhouette. We paired this suit with an adorable cloche hat trimmed with a satin ribbon to give it a fresh young twist. Next to Saige we have Katy modelling another skirt suit. This option is silk in a wondeful vibrant lime, and underneath we put a cream silk high necked blouse. To polish off this look we added an Audrey Hepburn hat.

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Ashley on the left here is wearing a winter white tweed suit trimmed with silver braid to give it another layer of sophistication. This suit would be great for a Homecoming or Mardi Gras Queen as it is fit for royalty! Underneath it we put one of our navy shimmery tanks. Saige is modelling the inverse of Ashley in a royal blue fitted suit with a white square neckline blouse underneath. The suit boasts a traditional blazer and can be accented with gold, white, red or black. It’s perfect for a senior in highschool and would be very suitable to bring to college for career wear. Both girls are sporting a white cloche with detailed ornamentation that gives them an extra bit of sparkle.

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Next we have Katy in a pink and irisdescent gold fitted jacket with a line box pleat skirt. This outfit is very 60’s and fun for a young girl to wear, and pairing it with a cami trimmed with brown lace acts as the ideal complementation. Her hat is a felt brown side derby that gives the look flare. For Ashley this time we opted for a classic aqua and tan tweed suit with four box pockets on the jacket. The shirt is a fun addition with the feathered design around the neckline that gives the outfit a modern take and can easily be worn with other outfits. Ashley is also in another felt hat, we feel the material to be good for the fall especially as it can help lighter colored outfits be seasonally appropriate.

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Last but not least we have Mignon modelling one of our striking power suits. This is a very body conscious and fitted suit with a high neckline and buttons on one side to give it that modern assymetrical aspect. We added a classic wide brim black felt hat to complete her outfit.

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